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In the last fifteen years I have been working a the crossroads of design and strategy for international clients of across industries.

Whether I am working on product design or experiences, speculative scenarios to innovation strategies I cherish a passion for the craft, a critical mindset, and strong admiration for the design tradition.

In a word that rejects complexity and that is tangled in ephemeral consumerism, I strive to lead my efforts towards what is necessary and meaningful.

Modular Structure
I designed this modular structure to easily adapt to the evolving demand of household. It can expand or shrink, according to the different uses, and environments. The structure can be easily produced and repaired, as it only consists of six different pieces in total, including nuts and bolts. It is designed to last generation. I patented it last year, and I am currently looking for a parters to produce it and commercialize it.

Currently working on:

Inspired by Karlheinz Stockhausen's Zodiac, I am working on a my modern take on music boxes - June 2023

Humanity Beyond Machines
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An ongoing speculative project to explore today’s dilemmas trough the lens of long term futures. An effort to reflect on our society beyond the stereotypical views portrayed by dystopia and techno-utopia.

Former clients :

Marriott International, Hewlet Packard, Film Ferrania, Unilever, Barilla, Illy, Moroso, Agape Design, PepsiCo, L'Oreal, IHG, Bootts, Verizon, O2, Sky Italia, Thorntons, Burger King, HSBC, Ebay, eFM, Fidelity, Hamersmith Business Improvement District, Land Observatory, Lloyds Bank, NedBank, EY, Barclays

Dimitri Berti, 2023